For the first time in the organization's history, there will be two distinct Emerge California cohorts
Join us as we welcome the 2015 program members and celebrate all of our alumnae who had
the courage &  conviction to run for office this year.

"The best way for us to fight back when our health, our lives, our families and our communities are all at stake is to elect more women."

-US Senator Barbara Boxer

"Now more than ever, women's voices and experiences are desperately needed in the halls of Congress and in state legislatures. Emerge's commitment to training and mentoring women candidates is vital to making that happen." 

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the U.S. House

Emerge California works with a large groups of allies across the state made up of individuals and organizations. Our allies support Emerge California financially and by serving as mentors, trainers at our weekend programs and as sponsors of Emerge California events throughout the year.


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Oct 22 2014

This story is the second part of our three-part series on women in California politics, Up Against the Ceiling: The Push for More Women in California Politics. Find the full series here.

Oct 6 2014

Los Angeles, CA – Emerge California is doubling the number of Democratic women it trains to run for office by bringing the program to Southern California. The new program is based in Los Angeles and joins the 12-year-old San Francisco Bay Area program.

Sep 16 2014

Los Angeles, CA – While women represent over 50% of California’s population, only 27% of our elected officials are women. Emerge California, which recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office, is working to change that. The organization is hosting its first Annual Event in Los Angeles, where there is only one woman on its 15-person City Council.

Sep 8 2014

San Francisco, CA – Here in the Bay Area, men are working hard to get women elected to office. Emerge CA, which recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office, wants to honor those who are making it all happen with its annual fall mixer hosted by the men of Emerge California.