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Christine Ahn, a co-founder of the Korea Policy Institute and former executive director,  is a policy analyst with expertise in Korea, globalization, militarism, women’s rights and philanthropy. Ms. Ahn is currently the Senior Research and Policy Analyst at the Global Fund for Women and Senior Fellow with the Oakland Institute. 

Jasmeet K. Ahuja is a Professional Staff Member for the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, with responsibility over South Asia policy.  She was integral in the drafting of the Pakistan Enduring Assistance Cooperation Enhancement Act of 2009, which passed the House of Representatives in June, and the United States-India Nuclear Cooperation Approval and Nonproliferation Enhancement Act of 2008, which was signed by the President last November.

Gayle Akins is a Political Consultant in Oakland, CA.  Her most recent work was as Campaign Manager for an Oakland Mayoral Candidate.  Her passion for community service started when she was 10 years old.  She learned about leadership, first hand, from her mother, a teacher and community leader in Nashville, TN, where Gayle was born.

Amiee serves as the principal department staff liaison at the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management with San Francisco’s local, state, and federal elected officials, as well as officials in the state and federal agencies.

Allegra is an educator and school reformer.  She has opened new high schools and turned around a failing high school which became one of the district’s top performing schools. Currently, she is the principal at George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, the first public high school to implement Waldorf methods. 

Mary Alex now lives in Charlottesville, VA where she recently graduated from the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership at the University of Virginia. She teaches at Sweet Briar College’s School of Business and has her own consulting boutique firm. Her past clients include organizations in the areas of human rights, prevention of human-trafficking, and amelioration of HIV/AIDS around the world.

Tanene Allison is a political and communications strategist, new media innovator, and poet. She most recently worked on launching a start-up focused on diversifying and creatively fueling the national discourse, before putting that project on hold to focus on turning Texas Blue.

Tanir Ami heads Clinic Ole in Napa Valley after four years at the Community Clinic Consortium in Richmond. She is excited to watch community health centers transition from being in the shadows to demonstrating to the nation that they do provide the best care, with the most efficient technology and the most incredible group of practitioners, in the most innovative ways.

Darlene Anderson is an Education Advocate professional in Sacramento, CA.

Kat is Administrative Officer of the Pacific Media Workers Guild, the first lawyer in that position. She founded Bay News Rising, a mentorship program for college journalism students.

Lori E. Andrus specializes in representing individuals who have been harmed by dangerous pharmaceuticals or medical devices, defrauded or discriminated against by large corporations, or sold defective products. Ms. Andrus also has considerable experience in individual personal injury cases and employment discrimination cases. 

The call to serve runs deeply in the fabric of my DNA. On one side, I come from a big military family and have direct descendants who served in every major American war from the American Revolution to Vietnam.

Maritessa is thrilled to join the Emerge California Class of 2014.  As a daughter of a Filipino manong, Maritessa strives to build upon the legacy courageously paved by Filipino-American trailblazers.  She is deeply committed to civic engagement, green enterprise/ sustainability, youth development, and breaking political barriers for women.

I have worked for the South Central LA Regional Center (SCLARC) System for eleven years as the Fair Hearings/Gov't Affairs manager.

I am a mother, a Chicana, a 2nd generation activist and a wife. I was raised in a household that epitomized the dichotomy of the Chicano experience.

Anne Arnold is an attorney at Hanson Crawford Crum Family Law Group in San Mateo. The firm exclusively practices family law. She has state and federal court litigation experience. She is very involved in her community and has recently been appointed to Redwood City's Historic Resources Advisory Committee. 

Marisa leads Californians for Safety and Justice's efforts to advance full and effective implementation of Proposition 47, as well as strengthen smart justice practices, across California.

Stacey is an elected delegate for Assembly district 21, is on the Advisory Board of Palo Alto Partners in Education, on the Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission, Palo Alto Community Advisory Committee for Special Education, and on the board of Magical Bridge, a fully accessible playground for people of all abilities.

Dr. Baca has been an active community member throughout her life.  At a very early stage in her career, while volunteering at a high-risk clinic in a gang area in Albuquerque, she developed a great appreciation for how social, environmental and economic issues affect health. 

Dr. Amy Bacharach is a Senior Research Analyst with the Administrative Office of the Courts, Center for Families, Children, and the Courts (CFCC). She works primarily in the areas of juvenile justice and collaborative justice (e.g., drug courts, mental health courts, girls’ courts), specializing in evidence-based practices, and on human trafficking issues, particularly as they relate to the justice and court systems. She has conducted extensive research on collaborative justice and juvenile issues, including runaway behavior, substance abuse, and survival sex and human trafficking in adolescents, and has authored numerous articles and reports and a book chapter.

Aspen Baker is the leading voice in the nation on the personal experiences of women post-abortion.  It was Ms. Baker's own experience with abortion in 1999 that led her to found Bay Area-based Exhale, an award-winning pro-voice organization dedicated to creating a more supportive and respectful social climate around abortion.

As the daughter of an immigrant Father and Mother who grew up in East Los Angeles, my Mexican parents instilled in me the importance of family, the value of hard work, the necessity of completing my education,  and then giving back to my community.  

Judge Magistrate, U.S. District Court, District of Oregon

Beckerman works at the Oregon Department of Justice.

Danielle has 10-years of experience in non-profit management and fundraising, in-depth knowledge of current political and legislative landscape as a Master of Public Policy, and a passion for advocating for women and families.

Margot Biehle is a community activist and lawyer. She is a founding Board member of Emerge California, and currently serves on the Executive Committees of the Sierra Club (Marin Group) and the Marin Environmental Housing Collaborative.

Margot Biehle is a community activist and lawyer. She is a founding Board member of Emerge California and currently serves on the planning commission of Marin County.

Edesa Bitabdal is the Intergovernmental Affair representative for the San Jose Redevelopment Agency (SJRA)working to not only prevent further reductions but also to restore funding to the SJRA. In addition, she has been a project manager for the Façade Improvement Program, managing grants for small business owners. She has been a Board member of the Democratic Activist for Women Now (DAWN) organization whose mission is to elect Democratic women into public office.

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